Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Force Awakens Review - Part 1 (Spoiler Alert)

Subtitle:  Who is Rey?

I have much to say and this will certainly be a series of posts so that each topic can be tackled and properly handled individually.  Since this will be spoiler-ridden, I would love it if you would comment on this post, rather than on my Facebook link.

First off...major props to J.J. Abrams for casting Daisy Ridley into this role. She was and is phenomenal.  But straight to the speculation about the character she portrays on the silver screen...most are betting this is Luke's daughter and I happen to agree.

Clues that she is:
  • Grew up, relatively alone on a Tatooine-like planet (Jakku), not truly understanding her origin story just like Luke and Anakin.
  • Luke's light saber "called out to her" just like it did for Anakin and Luke.
  • She is a natural with the force even without formal training, just like Anakin and Luke.
  • The trailer has Mark Hamill’s voice saying the following:
“The force is strong in my family.  My father had it.  I have it, my sister has it, and YOU have it.” 
Unless we get introduced to yet another character in the next film installment, this is a line of dialog aimed at Rey.  And it would only make sense to reference all the other family members that have it, if indeed she is also a family member.
  • Maz seems to know how significant Rey is and even offers her Luke's saber.

Reasons I might be wrong:
  • Why would Luke abandon his daughter and if he did, why give her the cruddy existence we find her in at the beginning of the movie? Surely he could have left her with people he trusted on a lush planet rather than one where she appears to be taking care of herself and left to sell junkyard scraps for a half portion of food.
  • We have no reason (yet) to believe Luke had a love interest or started a family, begging the question if Rey is his daughter…who is the Mamma!?
  • Wouldn’t Leia know or at least “sense” Rey was her niece upon meeting her?
  • Wouldn’t Kylo Ren know or at least “sense” he was fighting his cousin?
Please share your theories and add to this list in the comment section!


Michael Paine said...

-Rey as daughter of Han/Leia, i.e. niece of Luke, sister to Kylo (Ben Solo)

Unanswered: Why they left her on Jakku.

Possibility: She was with Millennium Falcon when Han lost it and it ended up on Jakku.

Or/also Han recognized her name, but may not have wanted her to get mixed up in the "family business" so they left her somewhere "safe".

Leia recognized Rey and greeted/hugged her without first acknowledging a past friend in Chewie. (Could fit both theories)

That's all I got for Rey right now.

Monica said...

Could be, but it looked from her memory, that she was essentially sold into servitude on Jakku. Doesn't seem to fit that Han & Leia would have a daughter, and then not ever look for her if she was accidentally left somewhere or lost.

Likewise if anyone knew Luke had a daughter, although it could be that Luke didn't know he had a daughter. From the first movies, Jedi aren't supposed to be entangled in romantic relationships, but maybe no one told Luke that. :)

One possibility might be that she is the sister of one of the other Jedi that Luke was training. When Kylo Ren killed the other students (like Anakin did in Ep 3) her family tried to send her somewhere safe.

Jim said...

I don't think Rey is a Solo but I understand your argument for the most part. I do think Han and Leia could possibly be so wrapped up and concerned with their son to the point of abandoning and practically ignoring their daughter. I don't think they know who she is. I did watch a Youtube video where a group of guys speculated something similar to my theory but went even deeper with it, possibly explaining how Rey seems almost too good with the force so early on. They speculated that maybe ObiWan had a child who ended up being a love interest to Luke. Then they had a Skywalker/Kenobi child which would explain how amazingly and naturally gifted she is with the Force. I admit its a stretch but I also think we are dealing with a LARGE gap between part 6 and part 7 which leave a lot of room for explaining Rey's origin story.

Jim said...

That should say..."I DON"T think Han and Leia could..."