Monday, July 27, 2015

Put down the phone...and back away!

“Get off your tablet, go outside, and play! You rely too much on that and you need to stimulate your brain and realize there is a whole world out there.”

* Kids exit stage right, I proceed to pick up my iPhone and start scrolling through my news feed, completely oblivious to my hypocrisy.

Is this a familiar setting?  I thought so.  How effective can we possibly be with our kids about this topic when we are just as trapped, dependent, distracted, and enamored with our gadgets and social media as they are?   Is this just another category where we have to claim, “Do as I say, not as I do?” I hope not.
I think there is probably a healthy way to engage this electronic world without letting it swallow us whole.  I would love you to share your suggestions and your struggles in the comments. 

My plan, for now, is to put my phone down when I get home.  Save for a call or text that is important, I will not use it.  Only if my family is for some reason unavailable to play or chat, will I grant an exception.  I wonder what a week-long experiment like this might produce?