Apologetic Resources

This is an ongoing project of mine whereby I intend to supply links to resources that have been helpful in my adventures in amateur apologetics. Though I have no formal training and though I rely heavily on my own self-styled version of sharing the Gospel, I do often get in over my head and have to research in order to offer my critics the best possible answers. This page will be the "rough draft" version for now. I hope to modify and add to this as time passes and would love it if you have suggestions for any that I've left out.

Answers In Genesis - One of the TOP critiques of Christianity is our claim that God made the heavens and the earth, not an unguided process of random chance.  Yet every Bible starts out with the Creation story and its not a topic we can ignore.  This website is extraordinarily helpful when questions of science and origins comes up.

Lee Strobel - This man was instrumental in my conversion to Christianity. He was an atheist with a law degree reporting for a Chicago based newspaper when his wife first announced that she had become a believer. Feeling quite upset about this fact after spending many years in marriage to a fellow atheist, he set out to disprove and debunk everything about the Faith. His journey through that process is captured in the book called, The Case for Christ. However the hyperlink I am inserting here will take you to video series called, The Case for a Creator. There are 7 parts to the series...so be sure to watch them all.

Randall Niles - One of my videos, called Statistical Probability called for me to do some research. I wanted to know the odds of one man being able to fulfill every prophesy made about Christ. Of course the point was to demonstrate that Jesus must be who He claimed to be since the odds of anyone actually being able to fit the prophesies in question were astronomical. My search led to a site hosted by the above named man. Interestingly he, like Strobel, was once an atheist. Also interesting to me was that he was on YouTube. I have since contacted Randall and done what I can to promote his channel. He is an awesome guy and has tons of resources that should help you out. His websites alone would take you months to dig around in.

Intelligent Design - This science is often misunderstood to be Creation Science. And while the two are compatible they are not the same. I.D. does nothing more than use the scientific method to introduce the theory that everything exists from an intentional designer. It offers no commentary on Genesis, the literal six day creation of the Universe, or who this designer may or may not be. I enjoy studying the topic and find it a useful tool when engaging a very gung-ho science minded critic. There are more sources than what I am linking you to here but please take the time to check this site out.

Bible Contradictions - Critics to apologetics will hit you with multiple objections but perhaps the most common and sometimes the hardest to overcome is the "supposed" contradictions they have found in The Bible. For instance if you read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John's account of the Crucifixion, each person reports a different amount of women that were at the tomb. Some list only Mary Magdalene, while others seem to report two, three, and four other women with her. To me this kind of detail is ridiculous to scrutinize because the point of the Gospels is not contingent on the amount of women that found and empty tomb but rather that the tomb is consistently empty in every account given. However, your skeptics will challenge you on things like this and its best to bone up and prepare.

More sources to come!  Come back occasionally to view what has been added.