Intended as an effort to answer common questions posed to me by viewers of Living Out Loud

1.  How does your family feel about being in your videos and posts?

This kids love it.  They get excited when they see a video post and they are the stars.  My wife puts up with it and ultimately I give her veto power if any footage of her does not meet with her standards or comfort level.  Overall my entire family is part of my life and in order to share my life with you, they should be involved.  If over the years my children elect not to participate in this ministry, that will be their prerogative.

2.  You always talk about subscribing.  How and why should I do that?

In theory, you enjoy the content on this blog and want to be notified when something new posts.  By subscribing you will be notified via email or Internet homepage when new content has been added.  On the blog, scroll down and look for a button in the right-hand column that is labelled "subscribe by email".  Just type your email address and click submit.  It will make you confirm the subscription by asking you to type a code word and hitting submit again.  And voila!  You're done. Instructions on how to subscribe to my YouTube channel are located HERE.

3.  I know you as Jim.  Who is TheEdge012?

That is a screen name for YouTube primarily. Most Youtubers either do not share any part of their name or might just offer their first name as I do.  TheEdge is a long-used login name that I've had since first signing up on the Internet.  And those that found me through YouTube that know me as TheEdge...feel free to call me Jim.  And no I don't have delusions of grandeur about being part of U2.

4.  How often do you post and what topics do you cover?

Since November of 2010 I have committed myself to updating often.  Life often prevents a daily post but I have been trying to put at least something of interest up on a three to five day basis each week.  I take every opportunity to talk about Christianity but also incorporate tidbits from my life as well as topics that interest me. Those topics may not have anything to do with theological discussions.

5.  Why is Christianity such a BIG deal?

I spent many years in a Christian church not really understanding what it was all about.  As such I spent the better part of my early 20's rebelliously trying to find my way.  I've always had the nagging urge that TRUTH was out there...it was just a matter of finding it.  I fully expected when I began my journey to land in a New Age, Mind Sciences, or Eastern Thought Movement...since those areas peaked my interest most.  But in a strange twist of irony, my research led me back to my roots but this time with FULL understanding of the faith.  I got so excited about this (and still am) that I desire to share with anyone who will listen.  Think of it like this.  When you find abundant Joy, Fulfillment, Love, and Truth and realize that there is plenty of it for all your friends, family, neighbors, and even perfect strangers...wouldn't you excitedly proclaim your findings? 

6.  Who is in your target audience?

I make content for both fellow Christians and Secular audiences being careful to stick to my values and ethics in the presentation.  My sense of humor is often something I like to bring out as well as provocative posts that make the reader have to think.  All are welcome as I mean to encourage my family in Christ but also attract those outside of the faith to come in and ask questions.

7.  What exactly do you believe?  Don't Christians have belief's all over the map?

That is a common misconception.  Yes, many denominations exist.  A denomination can start for reasons as serious as having a congregation split over doctrine or as simple as a dynamic leader attracting large groups of like-minded persons.  If you could ask Calvin, Wesley, or Luther if they intended on starting a new denomination, most would say no.  If anything, these men were looking to reform the church bodies they were already involved with.  Fact is most Christians agree on the paramount doctrines that define us as Christ followers.  Anything too far beyond those tenants would put them in a classification other than Christianity.  From one congregation to the next you will find small variances that are actually allowed for and expected in Scripture.  See Romans 14 for more on that.  For an extensive idea on my belief's click HERE or visit the specific tab on the blog homepage.

8.  I have questions that were not answered here.  How can I ask them of you?

On any article or video I post there is a comment section where you can leave your thoughts or questions.  If your inquiry needs special attention beyond an exchange in that area, I may make a video or entire article in attempt to help you out.  If that still doesn't settle the inquiry, we can always exchange email contact information and have a continued dialog.