My YouTube Channel

Most of my videos end up being embedded into my blog at one point or another.  However, the original video is uploaded to a YouTube Channel where a community of video-bloggers often share their world views in video exchanges.  I got started in July of 2007 desiring to share my faith in Jesus.  The original intent of this channel was to apologetically CONVINCE people into coming to Christ. Somewhere along the journey I figured out that (a) I am not smart enough to do that (b) there are already many others that are much more gifted than I doing a better job at it and (c) sometimes the best way to evangelize is to LIVE OUT LOUD.

"Living Out Loud" is just an expression meaning that I plan on sharing my life publicly.  There is a time and place for Apologetics and I do love a good discussion on Theology.  But what is the use of debates, conjecture, and point-for-point presentations if the person isn't living a life that interests you?  St. Francis of Assisi coined the phrase that I use on my Homepage of this blog:  "Preach the Gospel always...when necessary, use words."  Simply put, the light of Christ in a person ought to attract seekers to ask questions.  From there a relationship can build and true dialog can take place, rather than the shot-gun style witnessing that often leaves unbelievers angry, confused, or in flat rejection of Christianity all together.

The videos you will see in the library vary in style, length, and subject matter.  I will admit my beginnings leave much to be desired.  I have made huge strides to make good content, interesting deliveries, and pay respect to the average persons attention span.  Your suggestions and feedback will continue to help me in this venture.

Channel Description:
This channel is dedicated to the shameless promotion of Jesus Christ. His life, His ministry, His example, His sacrifice, and His free gift of Salvation to us all.

I make videos as I feel led by The Holy Spirit. Sometimes they are fun and light. Other times they are serious and heavy. I tend to enjoy dialog with other users on YT. Many of my videos are "response videos" and might require that you watch some other folks to understand the context of what is being discussed.

It is my hope and desire that you will find all of the content compelling and moving. If you are a believer in Christ, I pray that what is produced here uplifts you and helps you in your personal walk. If you are not a believer, I pray that a seed is planted in your heart that God may ultimately allow to flourish and grow.

How To Subscribe
Click HERE and you will be taken to my Channel's Main Page.  At the top you will see a yellow button with the word Subscribe on it.  If you already have a YouTube login, it will prompt you to sign in before adding my channel to your subscription list.  If you don't have an account, setting one up is easily done by following the prompts.  The advantage to subscribing is that you will be automatically notified when new content is posted.  You will also be able to comment under the videos on Youtube directly giving your feedback to me and other channel operators.

Who or What is "TheEdge012"?
Long story short, its just a user name that I've had since the inception of the Internet.  As you know just about every webpage requires a log in name other than your God-given version.  It's also a good tool for protecting your identity from some of the people on Youtube that would otherwise love to find you and harass you.  Many a YouTuber's true identity has been found out only for their enemies to exploit, harass, and even threaten them.  Lastly, regarding the it has nothing to do with U2 even though I consider them the world's greatest band.